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Deceptive Arts
Machines, Magic, Media

Blois Symposium : the program !

November, 28-29th 

Maison de la magie de Blois

1 Grands Degrés du Château

41000 Blois, France


Studies of media practices (including artistic practices)have focused increasingly, in the last thirty years, on the concept of dispositif, hoping thereby to find answers to the many questions raised by the whole phenomenon of mediation, defined here as the process that renders sensorially perceivable, in a context of communication, what would be otherwise unperceivable. But the further we pursue this line of inquiry, the more the concept becomes problematic. Rather than basing the analysis on the apparatus and the conditions underlying mediation, this approach puts mediation itself at the center—how does it work, and what does it produce? Hence the importance of reviewing the history of the concept of medium from an archeological point of view, starting where the broad genealogical lines cross. The “magic model” as such could turn out to be particularly inspiring. Fully assuming the artifice of illusion, which is neither revealed nor revealable, and working from the “truth of experience” and the power of the performance as shared experience (shared between performers and spectators), this model is based on the performativity of mediation as a performance in and of itself.

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A project Labex Arts H2H