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Deceptive Arts
Machines, Magic, Media

Magic and Philosophy

From 24 to 25 november, 2016

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At the beginning of his conference entitled « Science, Magic and Philosophy », one can read, by Eric Weil’s pen, in order to legitimize his attempt: « Si la science et la philosophie ne se comprennent que sous l’aspect de leur devenir passé – ce qu’on appelle l’histoire, il n’en va pas de même de la magie ; car la magie ne nous vient pas seulement du passé, elle appartient au passé, elle n’est plus, et à notre époque elle se retrouve tout au

Blois Symposium : the program !

November, 28-29th 


Studies of media practices (including artistic practices)have focused increasingly, in the last thirty years, on the concept of dispositif, hoping thereby to find answers to the many questions raised by the whole phenomenon of mediation, defined here as the process that renders sensorially perceivable, in a context of communication, what would be otherwise unperceivable. But the further we pursue this line of inquiry, the more the concept becomes problematic.

Cerisy International Conference 2016 : Machines. Magic. Media !

Saturday, August 20 to Sunday, August 28, 2016

From Robert-Houdin and Georges Méliès to Abdul Alafrez, Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, David Copperfield, Jim Steinmeyer, and Marco Tempest, magicians re-examined the process for producing illusions with every optical, accoustic, electric, and (more recently) digital innovation. As far as its secrets are kept, its inner workings remain obscure, and it resists being co-opted and formalized by a medium, every technology that confounds the senses exists as a magic moment.

Technology is the New Magic (Restless Futures)

15 mai2015

10h à 18h

Magic and technology are inextricably linked. Technology enchants us. Even more so in its current digital form. We are under a collective spell, or are we? How do we make sense of the omnipresence of digital technologies? What are the design narratives manifest in our constant interaction with digital devices? Technology is the New Magic is a one-day symposium exploring the relationship between magic and technologies and the digital enchantment that permeates contemporary culture.


A project Labex Arts H2H